The Wardrobe – Anne with an E

I was recently lucky enough to curate a month of Sundress Publications’s The Wardrobe‘s Best Dressed, a project dedicated to showcasing outstanding work by women-identified and genderqueer individuals.

Anne with an E

My first selection was Anne with an E (dancing girl press, 2015), the Anne of Green Gables inspired chapbook by April Michelle Bratten. Please click on the following links to read:

If you don’t know by now, you never will

Marilla is a Museum

Anne’s Sadness

To Write a Letter When There is Too Much To Say

The Winter of Anne

April Michelle Bratten Bio Pic


April Michelle Bratten‘s work has appeared in Gargoyle, Southeast Review, Zone 3, THRUSH Poetry Journal, The Boiler Journal, and others. She is the Editor-in-Chief of the online journal Up the Staircase Quarterly, a Contributing Editor at Words Dance Publishing, and the Vice President of the Tandem Reader Awards. She was recently accepted into the MFA program at UBC Vancouver. Find out more at

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