The Landing: Interview with kiki nicole at Up the Staircase Quarterly

The Landing: An Interview Series seeks to gain insight into the diverse creative processes of some of our favorite writers with the hopes that we can inspire others through this sharing. Each quarter we will highlight one previously published poem in a short interview.

kiki nicole


kiki nicole’s poem, “On Gender” was published earlier this year at Wusgood Mag.


i call myself a boi & no one understands. i admit
i don’t quite follow my own damn self.
still i Fire
soft & sharp toothed boi.
i take Happy
& wear it around my waist.
i woo myself

i sing my pussy to anyone who will listen
but it sings back Blk

nicole discusses the creation of history and narrative, being intersection and the intersection as an individual who inhabits multitudes, and “creating a dialogue between the ungendered (black) spirit… & the gendered impermanent black body.” Read our interview here.