Review: The Liar by Stephen Fry (Published at Atticus Review)

Fry“I can fool all of the people all of the time.” A bold statement thought by a bold character, Stephen Fry’s protagonist Adrian Healey quickly sets the tone of Fry’s fast-paced, wit-filled dramedy  The Liar, asking that we at least keep up with his mischief, if not one step ahead. The Liar’s early chapters are not in a strict chronological order, but instead weave together episodes from three periods of Adrian’s life. As a public school student, Adrian cultivates a carefully constructed persona of a young, witty and gregarious gay man. Here readers will polarize: when classmate “Pigs” Trotter, a less popular student, commits suicide over his unrequited love, Adrian’s reaction can be interpreted as either terribly human or savagely self-centered. The suicide certainly paints Adrian’s own secret love for the seraphic Hugo Cartwright as the love of a self-indulgent twit. Readers will enjoy Adrian’s refreshing honesty and live through his sense of self-entitlement or be put off. Read the full review.

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