The names of things unseen, poem by Kate Garrett (My Perfect Vacation Series)

A fantastic poem by the fantastic Kate Garrett. Of course, you’ll want to go see more here:

Silver Birch Press

The names of things unseen
for Ethan
by Kate Garrett

You discover new spots on our adventures:
Abergele, Deganwy, Prestatyn, Colwyn Bay,
Betws-y-Coed, Llandudno Pier, Conwy Castle.
You and your brothers – pirates and knights –
duelling, peering into dungeons, or racing
to the edge of the jellyfish-dotted sea.

You pack your bag, almost overflowing:
a boomerang, a hacky sack, a water gun
shaped like a shark, an eye-patch and wooden swords,
bunched into place with books, knitting,
paper, pens (for the rainy days),
and a candle, painted in wax with your name.

Your friends teach you bits of an ancient tongue:
trenau, gwylan, “pen, ysgwyddau, coesau, traed,”*
then you explore my dictionary to find
the names of things unseen, but read, and dreamed –
tylwyth teg, môr-forwyn, coblyn, draig**
wrap words like cowry shells to take back home.

*train, seagull, “head, shoulders, knees, toes” (Welsh)
**fairy, mermaid, goblin…

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