Lyric Essentials (at Sundress)

Laurie Byro reads “Traveling Through the Dark” by William Stafford

Laurie cloisters“Whenever I am lost in a decision I say, “but what about ___ that is my only swerving” and folks get it.”

Anne Champion reads “Prayer to Delay the Apocalypse by Traci Brimhall

Anne11“It’s hard to describe my experience with that book—it was personal, it was finding a kindred spirit, it was spiritual, it was inspiring, it was heartbreaking. At every turn, I marveled at her images, her hard hitting truths, her gorgeous rhythm, cadence, and movement of a line. As the poem I chose suggests, Brimhall is unafraid to tackle big game in her subject matter, and she unabashedly stares directly into the abyss, revolting and marveling at the profane simultaneously. There’s so much wonder in her work, and even at its darkest, I feel strangely hopeful and comforted.”

Ari Eastman reads “Royal Heart” by Andrea Gibson

Ari“Gibson is incredible at navigating the most vulnerable and raw human emotions and somehow putting it all together in a breathtaking poem.”

Jeremy Johnson reads “Green” by Kevin Lawler

Jeremy Johnson“That part is everything to me. We strive to retain a reverence for the mysterious infinite as well as an equal reverence for every moment as it happens.”

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