This Body I Live In

New from Pankhearst


Slim Volume: This Body I Live In
Edited by Kate Garrett

The third Slim Volume by Pankhearst includes one of my personal favorite poems of the year, “In the periphery, you become someone satisfied,” as well as sixty nine other contributors, including all of these lovelies:

“I Was Born Next To a Trolley Car” by April Michelle Bratten

“Once You Were Midnight” by Kate Garrett

“How To Talk Yourself into Seduction” by Hannah Hamilton

“Skinned Knee” by A.J. Huffman

“Cut Up” by Evangeline Jennings

“Orbit” by Lili Leader-Williams

“Piety” by Rachel Nix

“Possum Kingdom” by Amanda Oaks

“When Your Body Smiles” by Orooj-E-Zafar

Pick up a copy here for $9.99 on Amazon.

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