Should Have Known Better

Originally posted on Rachel Nix:

I was somewhere between five and six, but I near enough
wet my pants. My uncle told me it would be fun
to drive this toy around his yard. He sat me in the seat,
smiled sweetly, and told me to hold on. Luckily, the blades
weren’t down, because I panicked and slid all over the yard,
screaming my lungs out atop his riding lawnmower.

My mother shot out from the front door when she saw me
from the window, chased me all over the yard, trying to tell me
how to stop. I could see my uncle, cackling on the porch,
slapping his knee and even more amused that my mother
was now in on the joke. He apologized and sat me down
on the porch steps. Said he’d make it up with candy and that
he wanted me to be like him, to chew the way he chewed

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